Dave Capwell Endorsement

January 11, 2017


RE:  Endorsement of Sean Maloney

Dear NRA Voting Members::

My name is Dave Capwell and I have known Sean Maloney for most of my life. Based upon my knowledge of Sean, his passion for the NRA and for the 2nd Amendment, I highly recommend Sean for reelection to the NRA Board of Directors.

Working in Colorado for the Division of Wildlife, I know first-hand how important the 2nd Amendment is to our American way of life. For many years I have been reading Sean’s letters to the editor, receiving Sean’s emails and Facebook posts, and his phone calls to action when the 2nd Amendment is involved. He has demonstrated first-hand that he is a fine addition to the NRA Board of Directors.

I humbly ask all Voting Members of the NRA, any Life Member, or any Annual Member with 5 years of continuous uninterrupted membership, to please vote once again to reelect Sean Maloney to the NRA Board of Directors. With the reelection of Sean to the NRA Board of Directors, I am confident that his drive and passion will continue to strengthen the NRA.



Dave Capwell