Dick Heller Endorsement

January 11, 2017

Dear Fellow NRA Voting Member,

I met Sean Maloney, Esq. three years after the District of Columbia vs. Heller Supreme Court decision.  Our candidate is an unique individual who applies so much energy, dedication, and heart muscle to the Cause of Liberty and protecting the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

When Sean went to Colorado to join the team campaigning against those Second Amendment hostile legislators, I was hoping for a great outcome and was not disappointed.  The accomplishment of unseating three state senators was beyond any Freedom-lover’s imagination.

I was equally as impressed when I learned that Sean founded the Buckeye “Armed Teachers” training program.  With great foresight it even preceded Wayne LaPierre’s addition of the famous phrase “…a good guy with a bigger gun”… to our national firearms lexicon during the post Sandy Hook senate hearing.  Sean’s foresight, creativity, and passion were ahead of his time.  His accomplishments have been a part of the Dick Heller story lexicon ever since.

His actions remind me of the passion displayed when Patrick Henry declared to his assembly, “…above all, I wish that you be armed.”

RFK said, “One man can make a difference…and every man should try.”  Candidate Sean Maloney is one of those three-percent individuals that does not believe in trying – only DO.

The ultimate measure of a man is determined by where he stands in the face adversity and confrontations (MLK).  Our candidate gives full measure to the Defense of Liberty.  Such a personal profile is a rare find.  I can think of no better qualified and more objective an individual to wear the mantle of NRA Board Member than Sean Maloney, Esq.