Endorsed by Sharon Kennedy

RE: Sean Maloney NRA Board of Directors

Dear NRA Voting Members:

Everyday across America the NRA asks us to join the NRA and join the fight. For many of us, joining the fight is limited to joining the NRA and a shooting or hunting club, and enjoying our shooting sports.

But for other people, people like my friend Sean Maloney, joining the fight isn’t about joining. Joining the fight it is about being an educator, an activist, and a protector of our right to keep and bear arms.

Like many of us, Sean learned to enjoy the shooting sports as a child. In adulthood however, his love of the shooting sports and protecting others right to keep and bear arms became a passion. A personal mission to ensure that the most fundamental right of freedom was never taken away.

As an educator Sean has taught many young people how to respect and enjoy the shooting sports. In the past years he has trained hundreds of first time enthusiastic shooters how to adhere to Ohio’s conceal carry laws. Today he is working across our state to educate school administrators on the need to guard and defend against active school shooters and training those willing protectors how to save lives.

As an activist Sean has led the charge against antigun politicians, even when that charge put him squarely at odds with his political party. For him, defending and protecting our Second Amendment rights was more important than any party affiliation or platitude. From the grassroots of walking door to door, to writing letters to the editor to engage people in the intellectual conversation about why the Second Amendment is fundamentally the most important of all our constitutional rights, to organizing movements Sean has done it all. In recent years, Sean has even taken the fight against antigun politicians to other states like Colorado and Virginia.

As a protector of our right to keep and bear arms Sean devotes his legal time and talent to help others. People in need of representation to protect their personal rights to keep and bear firearms. He has worked tirelessly to raise awareness and money to increase firearm education among our youth and the NRA. His Butler County NRA dinner is a sellout every year and it has sparked passion in others to follow in his lead. To their credit they are now organizing NRA dinners in their own county.

As you, a Voting Member of the NRA make your decision on who best would represent you the on the NRA Board of Directors, I ask you to vote for my friend, my defender of my Second Amendment rights Sean Maloney. A person who has heard and answered the call to join. A person who has joined, not as just a member, but as an educator, an activist, and protector of all of our rights to keep and bear arms. A person who will help lead and inspire others to truly join the fight!


Sharon L. Kennedy