James Genzling Endorsement

I am addressing this letter primarily to the voting members of the National Rifle Association (NRA), through my contact with Sean Maloney. Over the last several decades, the NRA has fought a battle against public perception as well as fighting for the God-given rights afforded every person in our nation, not just gun owners.

It has become evident that a shift in political rhetoric is happening with the news. The “liberal” and left wing radicals are undermining the blessings provided for and supported/ defended by the NRA, while at the same time degrading the never ending battle the NRA undertakes on a daily basis. The two-faced expression of privilege, while denying others the same, is typical of the left.

Using that as an example, Sean, along with Buckeye Firearms Association, educate and train our education specialists in the defense and protection of our nation’s children without question or judgment of their political or social views or leanings. Sean and the NRA will be right there to “teach” those new gun owners safe and proper gun operation, safety and function, without the bias they so often show towards the NRA. Sean never asks what political persuasion you are before offering support or instruction, or defense in a courtroom. He is truly a Knight defending everyone’s rights and responsibilities as gun owners or potential gun owners, new hunters, and freshmen in the shooting sports.

The NRA is constantly under fire from those that “think” they know better for the masses, while basking in the “privilege” of concealed carry and armed security provided by a Constitution of “We the People”, while attempting to deny the same for any that disagree with their rhetoric and demands. A case in point, from California Senator Diane Feinstein; “When the gunman realizes that nobody else is armed, he will lay down his weapons and turn himself in…..that’s human nature.” What? This person who constantly demands that the “masses” be disarmed is a licensed conceal carry holder and lives under the protection of armed security.

In order for the NRA to keep up with the times, attacks and tactics used by the left, it needs strong, flexible, well educated individuals to stand at the helm and keep it on course while dodging and eliminating the icebergs as well as the submerged sand bars. We at Desert Eagle Shooters, and myself personally, see the benefits of a well equipped, sincere and dedicated individual for the NRA Board of Directors in Sean Maloney.

I ask that you consider his heart, qualifications, dedication and most of all character, then vote strongly for his election to this position. We all need someone of his caliber to direct, lead and most of all listen to the needs of the NRA, its members and the concerns of a nation in a never ending battle for the God Given, not man made, rights of all.

A vote for Sean is a vote to provide sound leadership for the future of the NRA. He will support our youth, our educators, NRA members and soon to be members, and those who simply enjoy the never ending benefits of having the NRA strong and standing in the gap for our Constitutional Gun Rights.

James Genzling
Owner and Chief Instructor, Armorer
Desert Eagle Shooters