Jim Irvine Endorsement

Sean Maloney for NRA Board of Directors

By Jim Irvine

All NRA voting members will be receiving their ballots this week for NRA Board of Directors (BOD). I’m voting for Sean Maloney.

The NRA elects 25 people each year for a 3 year term. These are the ballots that come with your NRA magazine or separately if you don’t get a magazine. To be eligible to vote, you must have been a member for five consecutive years, or be a fully paid life member.

Sean Maloney is a key leader and BOD member of Buckeye Firearms Association, a co-director and vital part of FASTER Saves Lives, an NRA BOD member and he started Second Call Defense. Amazingly, he has not slowed down on any of the other work he has always done for gun owners. From grassroots campaigns, to legal work, to directing national movements, Maloney a freedom lover’s best friend.

Rarely does a week go by that I don’t call Sean to help out a gun owner in need, or meet with a school board, or clarify a legal issue for a legislator, or help a Sheriff with an issue or… For all he has done for Buckeye Firearms Association, Sean has never been paid, and often is not even reimbursed for his real expenses. “It needed to be done and I’m honored to be able to help,” is his usual reply.

Sean Maloney is a tireless advocate. If he can’t address an issue via email or phone, he jumps on a plane and flies to address the issue in person. Sean does whatever is needed to deliver his effective influence anytime and anywhere it is needed.

Gun owners need a strong NRA, and the NRA needs Sean Maloney. You can vote for up to 25 people, but you don’t need to vote for that many. Maloney is great for the NRA, great for the cause, and is a great person. He has earned your vote.

Last year Sean was 26th in a crowded field. This year we must push him over the top. Vote for Sean Maloney and encourage every other NRA member to do the same.