Keith Coniglio Endorsement

January 18, 2017

Re: Endorsement of Sean Maloney for NRA Board of Directors

My fellow NRA voting members:

My name is Keith Coniglio, and I’m one of the founding members of the Basic Freedom Defense Fund, the group of Coloradans that brought about our state’s first recalls over legislators’ support of gun laws forced on us by the Obama administration and Michael Bloomberg.  In 2013, while we were in the midst of that fight and most certainly not guaranteed to win, Sean Maloney appeared on our doorstep.  We hadn’t invited him.  He didn’t have any skin in the game, living in Ohio.  But he came on principle and with one question: “How can I help?”

Since then, I’ve learned that this summarizes who Sean is – a man who doesn’t merely “say pretty words” and theorize about would could be done.  He’s a man who sincerely believes in the inalienable right of citizens to be armed for self-defense and who acts on that belief.  He spent much of last year traveling around the country to rally votes for pro-Second Amendment candidates, taking time away from his own family and personal life.  He operates Second Call Defense, providing immediate legal assistance to concealed-carriers who have been forced to use their firearm in self-defense – often in politically hostile jurisdictions.  He’s provided immeasurable value in his home state, spearheading the FASTER program to arm teachers, and working with legislators to craft laws to protect and expand our rights rather than infringe upon them.  He is plain-spoken, honest, and does not suffer bullies gladly.

Election to the NRA Board of Directors is not some mark of status or reward for name recognition.  It’s an opportunity to influence one of the nation’s most powerful lobbying groups – and, by extension, the very culture of our country.  Sean Maloney is one of the few people that will get my vote on this year’s ballot, because Sean has earned it, along with my personal respect.  More, Sean will make use of it, helping our Association do more than pay lip service to “Stand and Fight.”  I endorse him fully, and strongly encourage you to join me in securing him a seat on the Board.


Keith Coniglio
Editor-in-chief, Descendants of Liberty Press