Laura Carno Endorsement

January 6, 2017


To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to offer my support of Sean Maloney for reelection to the NRA Board. Sean and I met in 2013 after he reached out to me in Colorado from his home state of Ohio, asking how he could help in our recalls of two State Senators who had over-reached on gun-control bills. Sean headed a delegation from Buckeye Firearms who deployed to Colorado at their own expense for the last 10 days of the recall election. He told me he just couldn’t sit back and do nothing.

Knowing that Sean had previously been awarded Volunteer of the Year by the NRA, I was interested in what he knew that we didn’t. I was impressed at his manner of reaching out to voters, not just in obvious venues like gun stores and ranges, but also not-conventional venues like high school football games – wherever any crowd was gathered.

Sean is also very knowledgeable on 2A law, and lectures in his own state and around the country.

I would like to see Sean reelected to the NRA Board as the board needs to continue to have members who are out in the field every day, fighting at the grassroots level for our 2A rights. I offer my strong endorsement of Sean Maloney for reelection as NRA Board Member.


Laura Carno

Founder, I Am Created Equal